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CMK is a company specialized in software for Apple’s OS X and iOS platforms. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Software MacKiev has its main workshop in Kiev, Ukraine. Founded in 1997 with an initial staff of 8 programmers, today is one of the largest software development companies in this field.

The majority of CMK’s work is contract development for leading software publishers and hardware manufacturers in the US, Canada and Europe. Projects range from kids’ educational programs to sophisticated mathematical tools and enterprise software.

Additionally, CMK develops and publishes its own line of consumer and education software products under the brand name “Software MacKiev”, which it distributes worldwide and for which the company has won many industry awards.

Our development team take a great pride of the quality of their work. Every application we release is a proof-tested product, designed with attention to user interface, which is confirmed by many international awards.

As company continues to grow, we seek for talented people. We always need smart professionals, happy to offer you our friendly atmosphere together with competitive salaries and social benefits package.

If you are a student, enjoy programming and fond of Apple’s OS X / iOS Unix-based platform, we also encourage you to start your career with us. Training Center starts on regular basis to bring new members closer to OS X / iOS environment and give initial team-work experience.


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