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Cogniance provides services in the design, development, testing, implementation and support of software systems in the international market, and specializes in the development of innovative projects for businesses of all sizes — from startups to large global companies. We create new and unique apps, wearables, headphones and audio devices in addition to our work on larger projects like Big Data, IoT and connected cars.

Working with startups allows us to go deep into new technologies, interesting and challenging products where we accelerate ideas and turn them into success stories.

Cogniance is a brand new company with a big vision where each successful employee has the possibility to influence the shape of the company and new products. Together we reach new heights, we are the key to our success. Want to join our team? In Cogniance you will enjoy:

  • An attractive compensation package
  • A commitment to help you advance your career based on your interests and talents
  • The ability to work with new and cutting-edge technologies
  • A democratic leadership with an appreciation and understanding of the needs of all crew members
  • Flexible working hours
  • English courses
  • Opportunities to attend domestic TechTalks
  • Health insurance / indemnification gym
  • Internship opportunities
  • Opportunities for international business trips
  • Corporate events, festivals and a fun environment

We are strong with our crew which create products that touch people. We are:

The Cogniance Product Manager Team assumes total ownership of their products, from creation to launch and beyond. They work closely with Sales, Marketing and Finance to research products, markets, and competitors, create use cases to create and manage product requirements, draft proposals and documentation as well as marketing materials, and providing KPIs, keeping track of them and meeting expectations.

The Cogniance Project Manager Team owns the end-to-end cross-functional workflow from the time a contract is negotiated through delivery. Project managers are highly visible and their duties span multiple global touchpoints including customers, the delivery team (engineering, QA, UI, network operations) and account management. They ensure delivery dates are met according to the defined parameters (scope, quality, cost, and timeline) and drive the day-to-day communication with customers to keep them informed and updated.

The Cogniance Engineering Team creates software systems based on current and emerging technologies that are proven in world-class Web applications.

We employ skilled specialists focused on Hi-Load apps, Big Data processing, Python, Ruby / RoR, JavaEE, PHP, HTML5, iOS, Android, WP8 and other technologies.

Many of the systems we create are “from scratch” for our clients, so it’s crucial that our crew members understand not only the code of the individual modules, but the architecture and design of the entire solution as well. Our development process is based on our Cogniance Express methodology, a synthesis of Agile methods (Scrum, XP) with large and demanding project management methods.

The Cogniance Quality Assurance Team is focused on testing internal and external projects, and is also engaged in the construction and control of the development process, change management, configuration and release management as well. If you join our QA team you will be able to grow your career in the testing and monitoring industry quickly and efficiently.

The Cogniance Design Team provides our clients with innovative design solutions for web and mobile platforms. Our expert User Experience designers combine the latest trends in design with thoughtfully-executed graphical interfaces to create an engaging user experience. They also create custom scripts and possess a deep knowledge of the key characteristics of different platforms. A broad perspective, experience and a creative approach allows them to create products that users truly enjoy.

The Cogniance Design Process provides structure for the creative process without limiting it, and allows the team to achieve the project’s business goals and while enjoying the process.

The Cogniance Operations Team monitors the systems and support and development environment for customer testing. Our system administrators and operators have extensive knowledge and experience that ensures high availability, fault tolerance and continual performance of heterogeneous solutions on various platforms (Linux clones, FreeBSD, Windows Server 2003, the solution using virtual servers based on Amazon EC2 / S3technology). The team’s experience in the construction of production facilities (production Data Centers) for complex Web applications with 99.999 % availability, enables them to be actively involved in the design of system architecture solutions for our customers at the earliest stages of a project.

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