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Information Systems Development (ISD) is Ukrainian Software Development Company, founded in 1993.

ISD provides innovative and high quality software development solutions to our clients with substantial, hands on experience developing customized and integrated solutions for healthcare industry.

We are a team of 690 professionals. Our solutions used by 400+ clinics and medical laboratories in USA and Canada.

We provide advanced experience in complex software solutions across all aspects software development services: business analysis, architecture& design, development, testing, implementation, support and technical maintenance.

We offer a wide spectrum of customized solutions and services for a specific client needs. Over a long period of successful work we have obtained unique experience and we continue improving our approaches, SDLC process and quality of our services.

Being driven by high SDLC standards and passion to exceed our clients’ expectations, we deliver excellent and up to the market challenging solutions.


200…800 специалистов

Львов, Днепр, Запорожье, Бердянск

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