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Symphony Solutions

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Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions: not just a Solution, but The Solution!

What are we?

Fast growing European organization with its headquarters based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and delivery centers in Lviv (Ukraine), Rzeszow (Poland) and Skopje (Macedonia). Symphony Solutions provides Western European companies with high quality IT, BPO and Consultancy services and therefore our clients automatically leverage all the significant benefits that Global Sourcing could provide.

Who are we?

Passionate IT professionals who have Master’s degree in relevant field and at least Upper Intermediate English level (B2 Oxford). Company’s treasury is its people who specialize in SAP, C++, .NET, PHP, Java, Salesforce/, Mobile Development (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), Quality Assurance and other technologies and work in the inspiring environment to bring the best solutions for clients and more importantly — end-users.

Why are we so special?

We are a company with a difference as we maintain strong ethics and keep company values at the level of interpersonal and client-oriented relationships. Our philosophy is to build close and intense relations with every client, employee and candidate.
We have a unique selection process: colleagues choose their team members and only then selected people are presented to the Client for final approval. Such approach eliminates possible conflicts and ensures honest and transparent relationships with clients and inside the team.

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We are not that different in what we do but we really differ in how we do IT!

Symphony Solutions

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